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Mr. Rahim Shah Akhunkhail: President & Founder: USA

Rahim Shah Akhunkhail was born in Maandesh, Dir, KPK and currently live in Atlanta, USA. Mr. Akhunkhail brings decades of executive level experience in Corporate America and has been an entrepreneur for many years.  As the head of few corporations, he owns a number of hospitality companies in the United States.  He is also the founder of a well-known charity called Sir Foundation, MOUSA (Muslims of USA) and PPANA (Pakistani Pakhtun Association of North America).  He is an activist, community engager, and mentor to many youngsters.  He is a peace lover and defender of voiceless people all around the globe regardless of their faith, skin color, ethnicity, social class, or gender. He received his early education from Pakistan and higher education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.


Mr. Abdul Wahab: Malaysia -  Secretary General 

Mr. Abdul Wahab was born and raised in a small village Sia Jabar, Usheri, Dir Upper, Pakistan. He got his early education from his native town and graduate degree in Geology from Bacha Khan University, KPK.

Mr. Wahab moved to Malaysia for higher education and completed his Masters from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) and received gold and Silver medals for outstanding research & social Contribution. Currently Mr. Wahab is enrolled in PhD program at University Malaysia Pahang and working on Circular economy of mining waste materials.

Mr. Wahab is actively involved in community service and voluntary work and is currently president of Pakistan Student Association at University Malaysia Pahang. He provides guidance and counselling to students at UMP. He is also a social media activist and community mobilizer.

Tajdar Yousafzai_edited_edited_edited.png

Mr. Tajdar Yousafzai: Qatar - Social Media Leader

Mr. Yousafzai completed his early education in Village Andhery Tehsil Balambat, Lowe Dir, KPK. He received his MBA in Marketing from an online institution setting examples for others of all available opportunities for education. Mr. Yousafzai worked as a marketing executive for multiple companies in Pakistan. He is currently an overseas Pakistani working in Qatar, managing heavy equipment operation for KPC Qatar – one of the leading companies in the field.

Mr. Yousafzai is a well know activist always raising his voice for those who many not have their own voice. He is passionate about the development of Dir and raises his concerns directly with political figures and on Social Media.

Muzaffar Khan.JPG

Mr. Muzafar Khan:  Saudi Arabia - Trade Council Leader 

Mr. Muzaffar Khan belongs to village Saeed Abad, Patrak, Uper Dir KPK. Mr. Khan completed his early education and master degree in International Relations from university of Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. Khan started his early career as an exporter with Al-Muzaffar Trading Est. Mr. Khan has over 30 years of international trade experience representing foreign countries and trade delegations. Mr. Khan frequently attend exhibitions around the globe. 
Living in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Khan is an activist and volunteers’ significant amount of his time to serve his community. 


Mr. Abdul Salam Khan: Pakistan - Tourism Council Leader

Mr. Abdul Salam Khan was born in Chaman Abad in Dir Lower and completed his early education in his village Balambat. Later he studied Software Engineering from Alhamd Islamic University Islamabad. Mr. Khan started his career as a Digital Marketer with different National and International companies. Currently, Mr. Khan is running his own company and help entrepreneurs to scale their online business.


Mr.  Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh: Malaysia - Education Council Leader 

Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh belongs to village Dislawar, Wari, Upper Dir, KPK, Pakistan. Mr. Sheikh’s early education was completed in Dir and MSc in Mathematics from city University of Peshawar.  While being a student, he taught at various institutions for 8 years to finance his education.

Mr. Sheikh is currently a lecturer of Mathematics at CUSIT and is enrolled in completing his PhD from University Technology Petronas, Malaysia. Mr. Sheikh from very early age started helping others and became  a prominent member of “Dir Welfare Association Peshawar” and continue to do so in guiding students in Pakistan and at the current University in Malaysia.


Mr. Ali Shah Akhunkhail: United Kingdom - Technology Council Leader

Mr. Ali Shah Akhunkhail was born and raised in a small village called Shamerdin, Dir Lower, KPK. Mr. Akhunkhail did his SSC from a local school in Timergara and held the title of being first ever student of Dir getting a position in Swat Board. After receiving his F.Sc from Islamic College Peshawar, he moved on to UK for further education. Mr. Akhunkhail finished his honors degree from a renowned University in UK majoring in web technologies. Since then, he has worked for a range of different companies leading their engineering teams. He is a member of British computer society and is a part time online educator focusing on teaching complex IT related topics. He also does voluntary consulting for local charities.

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Mr. Hamad Khan: Saudi Arabia - GCC Employment Council Leader 

Engineer Hammad Khan was born in Kityari, a village of Tehsil Adenzai, District Lower Dir and completed his early education in his village school. Mr. Khan received his Bachelors Degrees in Chemical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar.  He started his career as Quality Control Engineer in KSA. Currently Mr. Khan is working as a  Process Control Engineer with one of the largest company in KSA. Parallel to his job, he pursued online certifications in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries ( École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland) Lean Six Sigma Black Black (Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam, NL). He is an active volunteer for the development of Dir and serving his community.

Obaid Hassan_edited.png

Mr. Obaid Hassan Durrani: New Zealand - Employment Council Leader

Mr. Obaid Hassan Durrani belongs to Chakdara, Lower Dir. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from University of Malakand. Further he moved abroad for his Master study, he completed his Master degree in International Business from Open Polytechnic University New Zealand. Currently, he is  running a company entitled Micro Digital Galaxy as a CEO.

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